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Floor Installations

If your home doesn’t have any wood flooring but you would like to have it installed, we can help you with that. High Definition Wood Floors can install a variety of flooring types, such as hardwood, vinyl, and laminate. Our attention to detail will ensure that the flooring is installed properly and safely, and that it is ready to be worked on. From small rooms to larger areas, our installations will be properly done every time.

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Reviving your floor

Floor Refinishing

Some hardwood floors, although in good condition, may not be looking its greatest due to age and other cosmetic defects. In cases such as these where a full installations isn’t required, a refinish is the best option to bring your floor back to life. With a refinish, your floor will be as sturdy as before, but with a whole new look. This will give your whole home new life and will improve the look of the room the floor is in.

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Keeping your floor in shape

Floor Repairs

Regardless of a floor’s age, appearance, or overall condition, it may need repairs done on it from time to time. This is where we come in with our repair services. We can help you fix whatever issues there may be with your existing floor, which will help you avoid paying more money for a full refinish or installation. Our repairs are sure to help your floor stay in use for a long time.

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Add color and style

Floor Staining

After a floor is properly installed and sanded, it’s time to give it some color with stain! Before staining your whole floor, we can show you samples of a selection of colors so that you have an idea of what your floor would look like with a certain color. After you make the final decision on what color will be used, we’ll go ahead and apply several coats of your selected stain and varnish, making your floor look great and adding a layer of protection. With a great selection of hardwood floor staining products ranging from Bona and Rubio to Loba and Minwax, you can rest assured we have the custom stains that you are looking for, and more! We can also mix and match colors to create a stain perfectly tailored to your needs!